Carpet 1

  • UNLIMITED DECORATING POSSIBILITIES :There is virtually no limit to the design possibilities in today’s styling, texture, colour and value when it comes to carpeting.  Your choices will be limited only by your imagination
  • EASY ON BUDGET : Carpet is one of the most affordable floor covering options, providing excellent value along with the multitude of design options.  Additionally, carpet is much easier and more cost effective to replace than hard surface options. 
  • COMFORT IN EVERY SQUARE METER : Carpets are soft underfoot, easy on little feet and knees, prevents slips and cushions falls.
  • YOU WON’T BE LEFT IN THE COLD : Carpet is a natural insulator against the cold and can reduce the cost of home heating and air-conditioning.
  • SILENCE IS GOLDEN : Carpets absorbs and contains noise, reducing and muffling footsteps and voices from room to room.
  • SUPERIOR INDOOR AIR QUALITY : Properly maintained carpet has been found to be beneficial in trapping and holding onto allergens, and prevents them from re-entering the indoor air system.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN : With the advent of advanced soil and stain resist technology, keeping your carpet looking new longer is easier than ever.  Following the maintenance guidelines set by the manufacturer  will assure the ultimate performance and durability.