Florstoreag We at Table Bay Florstore source our Artificial Grass products from reputable manufacturers only. While we supply the product and do not install we can put you in touch with competent qualified installers.
Good news for our pet owners , your pets will love the feel of the artificial grass and you are able to easily wash away any mess and not have any muddy paw print trails running through your home.
The cost saving is not only beneficial to your pocket as you will cut costs not having to water this grass, it is also environmentally friendly and kind to the planet.
You will have more time to do the things you want to do as the artificial grass is maintenance free and looks beautiful all year round. Especially with the water restrictions that we have in Cape Town artificial grass must be one of our fore thinking ways in where we not only have a durable easy maintainable product but an almost must water saving idea to ensure the wellbeing of our future generation.